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Head Strap for Tracer Lamp


Head Strap for Tracer Lamp


Save 40%

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  • Designed in Columbus, Ohio
  • 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 12 Month Warranty


Turn your Tracer Lamp into a Head Light!

Man using a screwdriver and using the Head Light to illuminate his work area.
GIF Lamp is being pulled off of the head strap to get a better view of the work area.

Quickly unsnap to see those hard-to-see spaces.

Man using Head Light to see inside his backpack at night while camping.

Versatile Design

Man running wearing the headlamp.

And yes, you can even run with it.

head lightPerfect For:

dog walking


Power Outage


Car Maintenance


How do I buy the lamp?

If you don’t already own the Tracer Lamp, check out the page for the Head Light to get the full set!

Is this compatible with other Noxgear products?

The strap fits the same lamp used in our Wrist Light, Clip Light and Tracer Lamp.

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