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 Ambassador Program

Simply put, we’re looking for people who are passionate about using our products and love talking about them! Often times our ambassadors are leaders in their local fitness communities and are active on social media.


What’s in it for me

Ambassadors are our connection to the active-lifestyle communities in cities and countries all over the world. Besides representing Noxgear in your community, we provide our ambassadors with:

  • Free & discounted products.
  • First to try out new products.
  • An exclusive, ambassador-only online community
  • Compensation for all sales you generate

How it Works

  1. Each ambassador receives a unique discount code

  2. Ambassadors engage with their local and online communities by posting photos and talking about our products

  3. Ambassadors are compensated for each sale generated with their code

Noxgear AmbassadorsElizabeth & Bella

20+ Marathon Pawtners / Animal Rescue Advocates

“I can’t imagine how Bella and I would be able to train for and run marathons without Noxgear’s products keeping us safe on the road during our early mornings together. When people ask me how to start running with their dog, I tell them- step 1: go see your vet, step 2: get Noxgear.”

Photo of Elizabeth & Bella

Provide Your Information Below

We recruit ambassadors once or twice a year and will invite you to apply when the new recruitment period comes around.

Must be 18 or older to apply.

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