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$42.95 $89.92
Woman on road bike with 39g utilising the magnet clip clipped onto her cycling jersey.


Bluetooth Speaker

$42.95 $89.92
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Best Price Ever!
  • 39 grams – lighter than a pack of gum
  • Hands-free music & calls
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    Secure, no-bounce attachment
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    More comfortable than earbuds

The Lightest,
Loudest, Longest-Lasting,
Wearable Bluetooth Speaker.

Ditch your Earbuds The Best Way to Listen

Photo of a man jogging wearing a 39g on his shirt.


Safely hear your music and your surroundings.

Photo of a construction worker wearing a 39g on his shirt.


Hands-Free Music + Calls.

Woman on a bike in traffic with a 39g speaker clipped to her cycling jersey.


Control your music without touching your phone.

Photo of a woman wearing a hiking backpack while wearing a 39g on her shirt.


Ultralight, waterproof, and durable.

Photo of a man golfing while wearing a 39g on his shirt.


Ultra portable, weighs less than a golf ball with 15h+ battery life.

Photo of a smiling woman holding a cup of coffee while wearing a 39g on her shirt.

Home & Office

Crystal clear calls with background noise suppression.

SoundTrack Your Day

Music and calls wherever you go.

Waterproof (IPX7-Rated)

The 39g loves the rain, sweat and might help you sound better in the shower.

Instant Audio Control

Answer, skip, play, pause, and rewind – without touching your phone.

Perfect Placement

Patented, built-in magnetic clip secures your 39g through shirts, jackets, hoodies, and more. Looks Like Magic — Works Like A Charm.

Crystal Clear Calls

Built-in mic eliminates background noise for your callers.

Stay Alert

Safely listen and hear your surroundings.

Tough as Nails

Built to withstand drops, scuffs, bangs and the occasional kick.

A photo of the clipping mechanism on the back of a 39g speaker.

Clip Quickly

Opens with one hand to quickly clip to your collar, backpack or any place that clips go!

Large Audio Controls

Easy to operate buttons, even with gloves.

A photo of the internal components of a 39g speaker.


Premium Speaker

Powerful neodymium driver delivers rich sound & boosted bass

Easy Controls

Large tactile buttons make it easy to control your audio and answer calls

Up to 15 Hr Battery*

USB-C Rechargeable

(*Depends on use)

Secure Attachment

Does not bounce

As seen in:

Sound & Style Perfect For:


Around the House


Video calls &
work jams

Rinsing off




What are its dimensions?

The 39g is 2.6” in length, 1.6” wide with a 0.9” depth (max) (and weighs only 39 grams or 1.4 oz.)

Won’t others around me get annoyed with my music?

When you wear the 39g near your neck and listen at a comfortable volume, others standing just feet away won’t even know it’s on. But if you want to blast it for an entire group, it’s got enough power to do that too. But in that case, you might not want to wear it too close to your head.

Is it waterproof?

Yes! IP-67 rated, meaning it’s fine to be splashed or submerged up to 3 feet. Though keep in mind that it won’t sound too great while it’s underwater.

How long does the rechargeable battery last?

Battery life varies based on the volume setting. At a comfortable volume with the speaker worn on your upper body, around 12 hours. At maximum volume, closer to 4 hours.

Why would I use the magnetic clip? How does it work?

The built-in magnetic clip gives you the freedom to wear the 39g practically anywhere on your clothing, not just on a collar or strap. This ability is especially handy with ¼ zip jackets and hoodies. Just slide the low-profile magnetic clip downward to remove, place it on the inside of your clothing, position the speaker over the magnetic clip and let them snap in to a secure fit.

Does it have internal storage?

No. Audio can only be played through the speaker from a source device using a bluetooth connection.

What else can this thing do?

The 39g has some additional functions that you might have missed in the product manual!

When a call is incoming, press the play pause button to answer the call, or HOLD the play/pause button to cancel an incoming call (send to voicemail).

While on a call, HOLD the Backward button (|<<) to mute the call (silence your microphone). HOLD again to unmute.

The following button combinations can be input while the 39g is idle (on but not actively playing media or connected to a call).

  • HOLD Play/Pause and Volume up (+) to hear the current battery level.
  • HOLD Play/Pause and Forward (>>|) to toggle the blue LED indicator on/off.
  • HOLD Play/Pause and Volume down (-) to forget paired devices.
  • HOLD Play/Pause and Backward (|<<) to disconnect from the currently paired device (does not forget the pairing).

I lost my manual

We got you! Here’s a copy!


$42.95 $89.92

Lowest Price Ever!

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  • Designed in Columbus, Ohio
  • 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 12 Month Warranty

Technical Specs

Power:Output power: 4 W
Drivers: N52 Neodymium
Battery:Play time: Up to 15 hrs (depends on use)
Battery capacity: 560 mAh
Time to full charge: 2.8 hrs
Charge cable: USB-C (included)
Control & Connection:Bluetooth® version: 4.2
Touch Controls: Call, Track, and Volume
Durability:Waterproof: IPX7 rating
Additional Features:+ Listen to music or take calls without needing access to your phone (Speakerphone w/ integrated mic)
+ Mechanical attachment clip
+ Slide-off magnetic attachment clip
+ Auto-power off

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