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Wrist Strap for Tracer Lamp


Save 40%

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Snap your Tracer Lamp into our new Wrist Strap.

Light your path and boost your visibility!

Man walking a dog using a Noxgear wrist strap with Tracer Lamp to illuminate his path. (Lamp not included in purchase of Wrist Strap)

Easy On. Easy off.

GIF showing the Wrist Light being taken on and off of someone's wrist.

Easy to adjust.

GIF of Wrist Light being tightened on someone's wrist.

Get it Just Right.

Tracer Lamp on Wrist Strap being adjusted up and down.

For added versatility, quickly unsnap and use as a flashlight!

GIF of the Tracer Lamp being taken out of and put back into the Wrist Strap.


The Easiest Way to Light Your Way.

Noxgear wrist light illuminating a dog wearing a Noxgear LightHound harness lit up blue. (Lamp not included in purchase of Wrist Strap)

Or work in the dark while keeping both hands free.

Man using the Noxgear Wrist Light to illuminate the wheel well of a car. (Lamp not included in purchase of Wrist Strap)

In the Box:

  • Holder with Wrist Strap



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