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Phone Holder


Phone Holder

The Best Way To Hold Your Phone

Secure, fast Access
to your phone
on the run.


Pocket Storage




Strong silicone webbing fits any smartphone.


Ergonomic design with soft performance fabric and two fully adjustable attachment loops.

Instant Access

Check your pace, view messages, or snap a selfie.


Expandable pocket securely holds your key fob. Can also store gels and other small items.


Store up to 6 cards. Pull tab allows for easy card access without removing your phone.

Machine Washable

Simple to clean, just machine wash and dry.



How do I wear this?

The phone holder is designed to be worn on the left hand.

I’m a lefty, can I wear this?

It’s designed to be worn on the left hand. You can use this holder as long as you’re cool with having it in your dominant hand. We plan to make a lefty version in the future!

The webbing is covering part of my rear camera. How can I fix this?

Get that shot on your run! Phone cameras are all placed in different locations so it’s hard to predict if this will be an issue for you. We recommend inserting the bottom of your phone first into the blue webbing, Next, stretch the black webbing over the top of your phone. Slide the black straps left or right until your camera view is clear.

Phone Holder


Save 40%

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  • Designed in Columbus, Ohio
  • 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 12 Month Warranty

Technical Specs

Features:+ Designed to be worn on the left hand.
+ Strong silicone webbing.
+ Card pocket holds up to 6 cards.
+ Stretchy pocket holds key fob or lip balm.
Fabric and Care:+ Polyester 91%, Elastane 9%
+ Machine wash warm, Tumble dry low.

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