1st Annual Noxgear Nite Lite 5k & 10k

Noxgear teamed up with Key Sports to put on the Nite Lite 5k & 10k on June 14, 2014 at Springboro High School. The event was the largest ever to feature our Tracer360 Visibility Vest! Over 175 runners participated with many more spectators cheering them on and enjoying the perfect late spring night. Music was provided by Lift Off Entertainment and we had several vendors including Earth Fare, and Vita Coco. And of course we had to play some night ultimate at the end of the evening.

The powerful illumination of the Tracer360 was on full display as the sun set over the course. Runners used the whole range of dynamic illumination modes and were visible at over 1/4 mile around the course. Check out the video for highlights from the 1st annual Nite Lite 5k & 10k!

One Run For Boston Lights Up Columbus Ohio

One Run For Boston (ORFB) is a non-stop running relay across America in aid of the One Fund Boston. It started in Los Angeles on March 16th and finished in Boston on April 13th, two days before the first anniversary of last year's tragic events.

We had the honor of participating in what was both an exciting and emotional undertaking by all involved. We followed the progress on Facebook as the Baton (a.k.a. Miles Le Baton) passed from runner to runner across America.

At night before bed, it was hard not to look outside at a thunderous downpour and think of the ORFB Crew and the other runners carrying Miles each step of the way. The people’s lives that the event touched as it crossed the desert and skirted Tornados is inspiring to say the least.

This year Noxgear was able to donate vests to Danny and Kate on the ORFB Crew to use on their journey. Occasionally we’d see photos of a lone runner at night crossing a state border wearing a Tracer360

When the Baton reached our very own Columbus, Ohio on Sunday April 6th, we decided to go all out and outfit the whole group of more than 30 runners. Our hat goes off to Stuart Kirk for organizing and leading us all on an outstanding group run through downtown Columbus at 10:00 PM.

At 11:00 PM it was time for my stage of the run. Stuart passed me the baton and I carried it 11 miles out of Columbus. At 1:10 AM I passed the baton to Lindsay who had been following in a support vehicle. Our roles reversed and she took the Baton another 7.5 miles. At 2:40 AM, like clockwork, we met the next group of runners, exchanged hugs and the baton, and wished them well.

Each runner has their reason why they missed work and lost sleep to participant in ORFB. For me, it’s because I have no doubt that each victim of the Boston attack would do the same for a stranger like me. Now, more than ever those who have undergone countless surgeries and have other long term needs, need our continuing financial and emotional support.

Please consider DONATING HERE and watch more coverage on The Today Show and NBC Nightly News.

Big Hugs to Kate, Danny, and James for starting and giving everything to One Run For Boston and for being there every step of the way!

Kate Treleaven, Danny Bent, and James Hay

Noxgear at Poultry Days Ultimate Tournament 2013

We had the opportunity in mid-June to field test some early production prototypes in a serious way.

In mid-June Simon and I made the 50 minute drive north to host night Ultimate games at the Poultry Days Ultimate Classic. We arrived to a sea of tents in a pristine park in Versailles, Ohio and a whole lot of Ultimate players. We hosted night games Friday and Saturday night with the camera rolling. Check out the link to our video below. It was a great experience and we met a lot of awesome people. Thanks to Trent and Rodger for giving us the chance to participate in Poultry Days ’13.

Tracer360 Video

See why the Tracer360 is the latest in high-tech safety gear for runners and cyclists. With several eye-catching illumination modes bursting through lightweight fiber optics, you’ll see why the Tracer360 is perfect for your next night run or for that early morning bike commute.

Torch Video

Experience the thrill of Night Ultimate with the Torch Night Ultimate Vest. Clips from an intense game of Night Ultimate show how bright the Torch vest shines on the field and how the form-fitting fiber optics hold close to the body during intense game play. Grab a Torch Pack to take your next game to a whole new level!