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What is the Tracer360 Visibility Vest? Click below to learn more.

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Multicolor Flashing & Solid Modes

Selectable multicolor flashing modes inspired by visual science

360° Illumination

40 lumens from two CREE® LEDs are piped around the entire body with flexible fiber optics - making you visible from over a mile in any direction

All-Season & Rainproof

Hot, Cold, Rain, or Snow, the Tracer360 will go as long as you do


At only 7.0 oz - you'll forget you're wearing it

Always Bright Illumination

Maintains maximum brightness throughout the entire battery life - unlike other LED products

360° Retroreflective Fluorescence

Sweat resistant sport elastic with 3M® Scotchlite® retroreflectivity and fluorescence

Adjustable for Any Outfit

Ready for any weather in any season - adjustable for a t-shirt or jacket

40 Hour Battery Life

Patent pending electronics provide maximum brightness, longer life, and battery status notification

Mile after mile it continues to be my favorite and most essential piece of gear.
- Adam Kimble (aka The Bearded Sole): Ultrarunner - crossed USA in 60 days
The Tracer360's multicolor illumination grabs their attention in those crucial seconds.
- Christina Murphy: Winner of The Columbus Marathon, Olympic Trial Qualifier, Chiropractor
I can run at night with a relaxed mind knowing that I am seen.
- Alex Brown: Competitive Canicross & Consistent 1st Place Finisher
Before I found Noxgear I was hit by a distracted driver while training. I really believe the Tracer360 works so well and truly increases visiblity.
- Natasha LaBeaud: Olympic Trial Qualifier, Canadian Team World Cross Country Championships